Benefits of EV Chargers

We are aware of the benefits of EV chargers and in this blog we're going to share some of those benefits with you in this article.

benefits of ev chargers

Top 5 Benefits of EV Chargers

Attract Customers

If you're a business in the Brighton, Portslade, Peacehaven and Hove area, this is a great way of attracting customers. Once our experienced electricians have finished working on your EV charger installation, drivers will be able to see their local charge points on the maps, resulting in a greater online presence. 

Increased footfall 

As drivers will stop for a few hours to top up their cars. they'll have a bit of time on their hands. So for example, This is a good opportunity to attract some shoppers and increase trade. It might be time to advertise some of those new deals you'd been thinking about, and with drivers returning, helping build those all-important client-customer relationships.

Advertise your green credentials  

If the UK government achieves its net zero targets by 2050, a huge effort will be needed to reduce carbon emissions, of which transport accounts for a third. Electrical services companies will be busy with EV charger installation over the coming years, something we at Resistance Electrical are ready for. 

Company branding

With sustainability and green business initiatives becoming increasingly important, by employing our electricians as your EV charging installers, you'll be able to attract employees who align with your environmental interests. You are advertising your business as an innovative and eco-friendly company, which is also vital in attracting employees who may want to use the charging points. 

Get ahead of your competitors 

Change is coming, and if you want to stay ahead of the game, EV charger installation is one of the best ways of doing so. With everyone looking for an edge in the market, having EV charging points is a great way of separating you from your competitors. 

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Those are just some of the benefits of EV chargers. Using the experienced and certified electricians at Resistance Electrical, can bring those advantages to your property. Call us on 07935923323.