EV Charger Installations

Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installations are available throughout Brighton, Peacehaven, Hove, Portslade and surrounding areas.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installations are available throughout Brighton, Peacehaven, Hove, Portslade and surrounding areas. Here at Resistance Electrical, we have highly qualified electrical contractors who are able to help you with any queries regarding EV charging and EV charging installations. Our EV charging installers are NAPIT accredited, meaning that not only is all of our work insured, but it is also guaranteed to meet the latest safety regulations and standards. If you need further help or advice, we can be contacted on 07935923323.

So you've decided to assist the environment (and save money on fuel!) by purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). One thing to think about is how you'll charge your car to travel. Thousands of chargers are scattered across the country, and many workplaces have them as well, but what if you don't want to leave your house merely to charge your car? Simple. Install an electric vehicle charger in your home. 

This can be in your garage or on the outside wall. If you are concerned the charging station may be unsightly, please look at our previous work on our gallery pageshowing examples of our completed EV charging installations. 

Why should you invest in an EV charger?

You should install a home charging port where you park your electric vehicle so that it may be charged at home. As a backup, an EVSE supply cable for a 3-pin plug socket can be used.

Drivers prefer a dedicated home charging outlet since it is faster, has built-in safety features, and allows EV drivers to charge their cars at home whilst they sleep. A wall-mounted home charger is a compact waterproof device with a charging wire or a socket for putting in a portable charging cable.

A Home EV Charger

With electric cars becoming ever more popular, many more individuals prefer the comfort of knowing that they have a home EV charger because it is a lot more convenient and available whenever the customer needs it. Our knowledgeable electrical contractors here at Resistance Electrical will be happy to advise when it comes to safe EV charging installations on your property.  

There are plenty of public electric vehicle charging points accessible across the United Kingdom. However, if you are concerned that there may be none near you, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be able to advise. Our electricians are available over the Brighton, Portslade, Peacehaven and Hove areas, where you will be safe in the knowledge that your vehicle can charge wherever you are. 

What kind of EV charging port should I get?

There are quite a few different options when it comes to different types of EV charging installations. The two most common for home installations are:

- 3.7kW 

- 7kW

Which one you may require at your home will depend on a few different factors, including:

- Whether your vehicle is a hybrid.

- The size of your vehicle.

- The size of the battery.

- How fast you want your vehicle to charge.

A 3.7kW EV charger is often most suitable for an averaged size hybrid car. However, a 7kW charger would be more suitable for a fully electric car. A 22kW charging port is available too but is most often installed at workplaces or other public areas. 

EV charger services

How far can my car travel on a single charge? 

Everything is dependent on your car, battery, and charging station. A 7kW home charger, on the other hand, can charge a compact full-electric vehicle at up to 20 miles per hour. The higher the kW of your charging station, the longer the charging distance per hour will be.

To arrive on time, full-electric car owners must know how far their vehicle can go every hour of charging. The most efficient charging stations let you drive between 60 and 200 miles in as little as 20-30 minutes (depending on the car).

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Why choose Resistance Electrical?

We are members of NAPIT, the electrical regulating body, which means that we get our insurance, credentials, and work standards verified regularly to ensure that everything is up to date and that we are following the highest standards and rules. This provides you with all of the assurances and backups you'd expect from a large corporation while still providing you with the personalised care that only a small firm can provide. 

The NAPIT website has additional information.

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