Myths About EV Chargers

Since the introduction of electric vehicles, there have been many myths that can make it difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. This post covers some of the main EV charger myths so that you can feel more assured about them. 

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myths about ev chargers

5 EV Chargers Myths

1. EV Chargers Are Expensive

When electric vehicles were first on the scene, some people weren’t too impressed due to how the price was high and the mileage range was low. As a result, it was costing people a lot of money to charge their vehicles as they had to do it so frequently. 

However, there are now plenty of more affordable models being made by a wide range of car companies that have better mileage ranges. 

2. Limited Payment Options

Some people are under the impression that you can only pay for EV charging points by using credit/debit cards. Whilst this is likely to be the case in the future for public EV chargers, there are still other payment options available. 

3. EV Batteries Are Bad For the Environment

EV batteries are thought by some to cause more damage to the environment that outweigh the positive factors of using an electric vehicle. There is an initial downside to the environment from the manufacturers making the chargers and the vehicle. 

Having said that, the batteries that are used in electric vehicles can be reused for other purposes or kept as a source of power reserve. EV batteries can also be recycled and repurposed into new batteries. 

4. More Rapid Charging Is Needed

One of the factors that people worry about when buying an electric vehicle is that the charging will take a lot of time. Currently, charging your vehicle isn’t as convenient as it could be due to how people who need charging points on streets and near their apartments don’t have easy access. 

Although, a fast-charging network is being put forward which is a step in the right direction for being able to access more charging points. The developments that are being made for EV chargers are also improving which means that people are beginning to be able to charge their cars faster. 

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