Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring

Old and damaged wiring can lead to serious issues in your home. Several warning signs to look out for that tell you something is wrong with your electrical wiring. 

This post outlines the main signs to keep an eye out for to keep your home safe. These signs should only be inspected, and you mustn’t try to fix them yourself. A professional electrician should carry out inspections and work. 

Bad electrical wiring can be dangerous. You can get electrical services from Resistance Electrical, including inspection, testing, and rewiring. Resistance Electrical operates in Brighton, Portslade, Peacehaven, and Hove.

So, let’s take a look at signs of poor electrical wiring in your home.

bad electrical wiring signs

What are the signs of an electric wiring issue? 

Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimmed lights is a common sign of poor electrical wiring. If you notice that your lights flicker frequently or make a noticeable buzzing sound when you turn them on, you likely need to have the system inspected and upgraded. 

Faulty Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to switch off when the electrical system in your home becomes overloaded. It’s easy to switch it back on and carry on with your day. Having said that, if you notice that the circuit breaker is frequently tripping, it often means there’s something wrong with your electrical wiring. 

It’s also worth noting that you may simply be using too many electrical devices and appliances that demand lots of electricity. If you scale things back and the circuit breaker stops tripping multiple times a month, that could be the fix. Getting a professional electrician to inspect your wiring is still the best way to ensure it’s working safely. 


If you have open outlets in your home, look for signs of smoke or scorch marks. The wiring in your home can produce excessive heat if damage has been caused. This overheating leads to more internal damage, which can make things complicated and dangerous. 

Therefore, you must contact an electric wiring company to come and check your home’s wiring.

Damaged Wiring

Inexperienced electricians or rodents in your home can lead to faulty wiring. Rodents can chew through the wiring and damage it, becoming increasingly dangerous if left unchecked. 

You should contact expert electricians at Resistance Electrical to get professional oversight and an upgrade on your current electrical system. 

Get in touch with an electrician

An electrician who is not qualified to do the job can cause many electrical wiring problems. Therefore, it may not be worth going an unqualified electrician in the long run. Finding licensed professionals who stick to safety protocols will reduce the chances of problems cropping up later. At Resistance Electrical, our electricians are NAPIT registered, meaning we are fully trained and qualified. 

For any electrical wiring services you require in  Brighton, Portslade, Peacehaven, and Hove, call us o07935923323.