What to ask your electrician

A surprising number of people in the UK don’t hire registered electricians to carry out work in their homes. This leaves you vulnerable and without any protection if anything goes wrong. Not to mention, many people don’t take the time to check the previous work of the electrician before they start. 

Deciding whether an electrician is the right fit for electrical work in your home can be tricky. However, there are a certain set of questions that you can have ready to ask them. You can then make a more informed decision about whether or not to go ahead and hire them to work in your home. 

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questions to ask your electrician

5 Questions To Ask Your Electrician 

Are You a Registered Electrician?

One of the first questions to ask your electrician is if they’re a registered government scheme member. There are several schemes from the government that electricians can register to and it provides you with peace of mind. 

Being a registered electrician means that if anything goes wrong with the electrical work, you’re provided with protection. You could also contact the government scheme and find out if the electrician who you’re interested in working with is registered. 

You will be glad to know that at Resistance Electrical, we are NAPIT registered.

Can I See References From Your Previous Clients?

If you’re feeling unsure about hiring an electrician solely based on what they’ve said they can do, you can ask them for references from their previous clients. You can include questions to these previous clients about how well the work was completed.

This can be an effective way to gauge a better idea about whether a particular electrician is a good match to complete the work in your home. 

Can I See Your Paperwork?

You should feel confident in asking an electrician for their qualifications. The only reason they’d object to this is if they don’t have the qualifications that they claimed. Therefore, if an electrician doesn’t want to show you their qualifications, it’s a sign that they may not have the relevant skills to complete the work in your home to a high standard. 

I’m Looking For a Second Opinion, Can I Contact You Again Soon?

If you encounter an electrician who pressures you into making a decision, you may end up with someone who isn’t right for the job. It’s a good idea to get different quotes for the same job before you make any decision. 

You may find that the most cost-effective option wasn’t the best for the kind of work that you require. So, you shouldn’t feel obliged to go with the first electrician who you contact. You can ask them if it’s okay to contact them again after you’ve gathered more quotes. 

How Many People Will Be Working In My Home?

Once you contract an electrician, there may be more than just one person working in your home. To avoid any surprises, you can ask the electrician how many people they think will be needed to finish the job. 

If there are going to be multiple people working on the project, make sure to ask for their registration and references from previous clients.

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