What You Need To Know About Electrical Safety Reports

Making sure that your home isn’t at risk of electrical hazards is a must. There are several things to know surrounding electrical safety reports so that you can be sure your home is safe. 

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electrical safety reports

Electrical Safety Report Explained

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is a test that’s carried out by landlords to establish how safe the electrical wiring of a home is. It’s also known as a Landlord Safety Test. 

Why You Need An Electrical Safety Report

It’s recommended for homeowners to have an electrical safety report performed once every 10 years. Landlords, on the other hand, should get a safety report completed once every five years.

This is because landlords must keep their tenants safe. If there are any issues in the electrical wiring of a home, the landlord should get it fixed to prevent problems from getting worse and causing safety hazards for tenants. 

What Happens During An Electrical Safety Report?

Electrical safety reports are carried out by certified electricians. The safety test involves the electrician inspecting your electrical wiring and ensuring that everything is working safely. Once they’ve concluded their inspection, they provide you with a report.

Some of the factors that electricians look for include the following:

- Damage caused to electrical wiring

- Wiring that isn’t compliant with safety standards 

- Electricals that have undergone wear and tear 

- Electrical components that are at risk of causing shocks when used 

How Electrical Safety Reports Protect You

The main benefit of electrical safety reports is that it keeps people protected. Wiring that’s damaged or not working correctly can cause serious safety hazards. It’s difficult to spot when your electrical wiring has become unsafe due to how a lot of it is hidden away.

That’s why using a professional electrical service to inspect and provide you with reports is important. 

How To Know When Your Electrics Require Inspection

Some of the main warning signs that you should get your electrical system looked at include the following:

- Your sockets, light switches, and fuse box are old

- Your cables are old and have a black rubber casing

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