EV Charging Installation Hove

EV Charging Installers Hove

Our electrical contractors here at Resistance Electrical can provide electric vehicle charger installations to property owners in the Hove area. For more information, contact us on 07935923323.

We are members of the NAPIT electrical governing body, which means our work is fully insured and checked on a regular basis to ensure it is of a high, safe standard, meeting the latest regulations in the industry. So if you own an electric vehicle, please contact one of our EV charging installers today.

ev charging installation hove

Why do I need an EV charging station installed on my property?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. If you own an electric car or are considering buying one, you will need to consider whether you require an EV charger installed at your home. There are many benefits gained from having an electric vehicle charger to hand, these include:

- The electric car will fully charge, while you sleep.

- Are a waterproof unit, with built in safety features.

- Enables you to charge your vehicle at your convenience without having to find a public EV charging port in Hove.

What mileage can be covered once my vehicle is fully charged?

This is the most often asked question when it comes to EV charging installations. An average-sized electric car can be placed on charge at your home EV charging point for only thirty minutes and then be able to cover a 60-200 mile journey. It is very important for electric car owners to understand their vehicle and its capacity. In that, every vehicle will be different in terms of the distance it is able to travel per hour of charge. Our EV charging installers can help with any queries, but generally speaking, the distance your vehicle can cover on a single charge will depend on the following:

- The size of your vehicle.

- The battery size.

- How powerful (kW) your EV charging port is.

So which type of EV charging station do I need?

The most widely used household electric vehicle charger is either a 3.7kW or 7kW component.

 A much bigger EV charging station will have 22kW. These are often only required for public electric vehicle charger installations. The type and size of EV charging port you will require at your home can be discussed with your local EV charging installer here at Resistance Electrical based here in Hove. The following factors need to be considered:

- The size of the battery in your electric car.

- Whether your vehicle is a hybrid or not.

- How quickly you would like to be able to charge your car fully.

Speak to an Electrician in Hove

If you have any questions when it comes to deciding which electric charger you may require, please contact one of our EV charging installers on either 07935923323 or info@resistanceelectrical.co.uk. Resistance Electrical covers the Hove area and can help you with your electric vehicle charger installation today. 

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